Multiple Teams · High School Ball

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I am a partner in  My long time (34 years) high school friend and I are huge Ohio high school football enthusiasts.  We noticed that not every school in the state gets much statewide press so we are hoping to change that through our website.  I have a son who plays right now at Chardon High School, and my partner’s son graduated a few years back from Highland High School.  We’re dads that have the skillset to do some cool stuff online but we’re hoping Athletic Directors like yourself will help us grow our audience.  Each week we have what we call a matchup page for each team.  On that matchup page we make a prediction on who will win based on historical data. We realize each year that player personnel changes but we actually hit about 77.44% right last year.
Your matchup page this week is here:

Thank you and good luck this week!
Frank Sulka