Ravens News · Ravenna area and surrounding businesses put your business logo on a 2019 fall senior banner hung around downtown Ravenna!



6589 North Chestnut Street

Ravenna, Oh  44266

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Dear Ravenna Area and Surrounding Businesses,

As Ravenna High School is set to resume, our student athletes/band have been hard at work preparing for another competitive season. We are asking that you join us in supporting our senior student athletes. Please consider donating to Ravenna Athletics to purchase banners to show our support of our senior athletes/band members.  

The banners for the students are $100.00 per side and will be hung throughout our community to show your support.  We currently have around 50 seniors participating in fall sports and marching band. All proceeds will go toward student athletics and are completely tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 program.  Please fill out the bottom of this letter and submit your company name along with your check by July 31, 2019. Please submit a jpeg or png of your company logo, if no logo is submitted your company name will appear as text.  Please submit a high resolution jpeg or png to megan.greene@ravennaschools.us

Checks should be made out to:

Ravenna Athletics

6589 North Chestnut St.

Ravenna, Ohio 44266

On behalf of the students we thank you for showing your support!

Please retain top portion for your tax purposes and return the bottom portion and check / money order

Ravenna Athletics / Ravenna Marching Band

Banner Sponsorship Form

Amount per side-$100.00 Number of sides: ______

Number of banners:____________

Company/Business Name:__________________________________________

Contact Name:___________________________________________________

Phone Number:________________________

Amount Enclosed:____________________ Check Number:________________